Asia In

Asia In

Good choice for companies that need to ensure a reliable outsourcing of products and supplies of the best quality and cost in the Chinese market.

Through the logistics provided by LQND, the goods will be delivered to the most convenient Asian port.



Excellent option for minimizing costs and improving logistics management.

This service includes locating products, quality inspection and negotiating international freight costs and delivery of your products to any destination port of your choice.

Asia Integral

The most comprehensive service for companies that want to optimize their structure of cost and increase their profits. LQND will do the outsourcing of the products, carry out quality inspections and deal with the legal procedures required to export goods from China. LQND will also arrange the transportation of your goods from China to your premises.

Through the Asia Integral service we are present at each step of the process, minimizing risks and ensuring that your investment is protected