We offer an efficient and timely service and we have the expertise to deal with all the logistics involved in making negotiations with China. We have excellent relations with transportation providers and customs agencies and are therefore in a position to offer the most competitive rates.

The most important thing to start negotiations with Asian suppliers is to have a clear idea of the business and the product you need. The minimum amount of investment is approximately $5000 in purchases, not including the costs of international transport, customs clearance and delivery. Lower investment will not be profitable due to import costs and taxes.

Usually manufacturers require a minimum purchase quantity that justifies the entire operation of manufacturing. This amount varies widely depending on the type of product. LQND will always find out first about the order requirements for your product.

Yes they are, as long as you exercise a strict quality control in each of the manufacturing processes of the product, and you know the origin and quality of raw materials used. Such controls can be undertaken by our quality control agents.

It is common knowledge that you can find thousands of suppliers and manufacturers through the internet. To verify the accuracy and reliability of these suppliers, however, it is necessary to perform tests that go beyond contact by email. LQND handles this work for you. We have the experience and the required methods to verify the existence and legality of the companies.

The payment terms of your purchase are established by the manufacturer. Usually, the payment terms across China is 30% of the product value in advance with the remaining 70% due when production is complete.

Generally, goods can take 15 to 30 days to be manufactured, although this depends on several factors, such as; quantity, type of product and especially the time of year when the order is placed. It is also important to bear in mind the time of transportation from Chinese to Colombian ports and then from the local port to your warehouse. LQND gives an estimated delivery time of 60 days. If greater accuracy is required this information will be provided once all factors have been analysed.