LQND China Limited supported by Logística Internacional LQND S.A.S, provides Colombian companies with a comprehensive service that meets all the needs of the buyer, ranging from product search to delivery of the goods to their final destination.

We utilise our knowledge and experience of the Chinese market to provide an excellent service. We have effective management strategies to deal with the logistical procedures, both nationally and internationally.



LQND CHINA LIMITED was founded in March 2009 in Hong Kong. At the same time a sister company was established in Colombia - Logistica Internacional LQND - located in the city of Medellin.

The focus of both companies was to specialize in facilitating trading between international buyers and suppliers in Asia, mainly located in China.

Today our team is strengthened by the experiences of preceding years and the satisfaction of our customers is a credit to our performance.

Misión y Visión

Mission - Vision

Mission: To facilitate the process of purchasing products manufactured in Asia through a systematic and professional management that ensures that the interests of the buyer are protected.

Vision: To become a strategic partner of small and medium enterprises (PYMEs) who wish to do business with the Asian market and the rest of the world, providing technological support, effective management and highly knowledgeable staff.